A must read before you make you next footwear purchase.

A must read before you make you next footwear purchase.


“Cinderella is the proof that the right pair of shoes can change your life”.

Even though this quote still holds true, this era of bizarre fashions, pomp, show and apathy has made sure that your footwear has nothing to do with your health. Do you know what’s even worse? The majority of trendy footwear available nowadays are often the cause of injury instead of preventing.

The right footwear should ideally keep your feet healthy and help keep you safe from any injury. It’s challenging to make an ideal pick from thousands of footwear around and hence we decided to make a checklist to help you out. Read on:


The right footwear should:


  • Provide cushion – The midsole should be gentle enough on the feet and provide ample cushioning.
  • Support your feet – Keep your feet well aligned to the ground and help in maintaining balance.
  • Be comfortable– should feel comfortable right from the first wear.
  • Fit perfectly – Should fit you snuggly in terms of length and width both.


There are some pointers you need to keep in mind while picking footwear online. Let’s have a look:

  • Know what your feet type is- Not every feet type is same. Make sure to analyze your feet well; how broad is it? Is it wider than the usual? Are the toes longer? The key to recognize your specific foot type and pick footwear accordingly. If you have flat feet, go for footwear like Murtle which comes with good arch support. If you have high arches, opt footwear with cushioning in the ball and heel.


  • Nature of work- The nature of job should also be kept in mind while picking your next pair of shoes. If your job involves a lot of walking or even standing, then Murtles are your pick they are both need sturdy and comfortable. For sitting jobs, you can go for a mix of looks and comfort.


  • Be mindful of the heel size- While high-heeled shoes can make you look put-together and stylish, they may not be suitable for every occasion. Your heels may make it hard or you to walk outdoors in uneven surface and even mess up with your posture. If you prefer only heels, look for something with a reasonable heel height like an inch and a half and platform soles.


  • Don’t overcrowd your toes.Some shoes are too narrow for your feet and end up compressing the toes and the bones in your forefoot. If you compress your feet long enough, there are high chances of you damaging your feet. Murtle midsole is broad so your toes can flex and stay relaxed throughout.


  • Avoid over-cushioning.Some shoes are packed with bundles of cushioning, which actually weakens your feet over time, and the lack of sensory feedback alters your walking mechanics. Murtle uses cork midsole whose well researched composition is at the intersection of flexibility and rigidity.


  • Examine the soles. Are the soles sturdy enough to protect your feet from sharp objects? Is the cushioning enough? Are you able to walk properly in uneven surface? The primary function of footwear is to protect your feet and to ensure that Murtle employs PU outsole hence ensuring right protection and comfort.


  • Length and width matters equally. Even if the shoes fit well in terms of size, they will be useless if the width is either too much or too narrow. Make sure it fits snuggly horizontally also. Murtle comes with guided contours which are designed for feet anatomy, these help you gauge perfect fit


  • Right material- Considering right material while choosing footwear is important. They should be able to absord sweat or you risk a corn. Also, avoid synthetics as they can restrict air circulation and cause fungal infections. Make sure to peep inside the footwear to make sure there isn’t anything poking out. Also, too much embellishments, metal buckles etc. can trouble your feet unnecessarily. Murtle uses Cork footbed with cotton lining which ensures good sweat absorption and leaves the choice of uppers to your liking.


The right balance of looks and comfort is the key while picking yourself a new pair of footwear. A bit of thought put in at what goes on your feet will keep you up and running all your life. High time to put your best foot forward!



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