Tips to choose the right footwear for women

Tips to choose the right footwear for women

It's okay, we often make mistakes!

Many women out there make the wrong approach while selecting a pair of sandals or shoes for their lifestyle. If you don’t wear proper footwear, there can be issues like pain, discomfort, infections, and more. Sometimes, it is also possible for your foot’s nerves to get damaged. Such problems have a simple solution, and that is to opt for a better choice.

It is difficult for a woman to choose a footwear because she has many factors to consider. Here are some tips to choose the right footwear:

  •         Recognize your foot type

Not all foot types are the same. Be sure to consider how wide your feet are. Is it larger than normal? Are there longer toes? The secret is to identify your unique foot type and choose footwear appropriately.

  •         The nature of your profession

should also be taken into consideration while choosing your next pair of shoes. Comfy shoes from a quality brand are a good choice if your profession requires a lot of walking or even standing because they are both robust and comfy. You can choose a combination of comfort and style for sitting employment.

  •         Be aware of the heel height.

While high heels can give you a polished, fashionable style, they may not be appropriate for all settings. If you're walking outside on an uneven surface, your heels could make it difficult for you and possibly affect how you stand. If you exclusively want heels, look for footwear with platform soles and an inch and a half of heel height.

  •         Avoid crowding your toes.

Some shoes that are too small for your feet wind up squeezing your forefoot and toe bones. There is a good probability that you will hurt your feet if you crush them for a prolonged period of time.

  •         Examine the soles.

Are the soles robust enough to shield your feet from objects with edges? Is there enough padding? Can you walk correctly on a crooked surface? The soles should be examined to protect your feet.

  •         Both length and width are important.

Even if the shoes are a good fit in terms of size, if the breadth is either excessively wide or excessively narrow, they will be ineffective. Verify that it fits snugly on the horizontal as well.

  •         right material

Choosing footwear requires careful consideration of the material. Sweat should be able to pass through them without leaving a ring. Additionally, stay away from synthetics because they might obstruct airflow and result in fungus infections. Check the inside of the shoes to make sure nothing is sticking out. Additionally, excessive adornments, metal buckles, etc., might cause unnecessary discomfort to your feet.

Why should you trust Murtle when it comes to choosing the right footwear?

Murtle Modular footwear is the ideal option if you're a shoephile who enjoys flaunting various appearances but also demands comfort and sustainability. With our versatile pairs of footwear, which are specifically made to make strenuous movement pleasant, you will feel at ease in any situation.

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  •         The Murtle midsole is wide so your toes can flex and remain calm all day.
  •         Our designers have chosen to use PU outsoles to provide the proper level of comfort and protection.
  •         The guided contours of Murtle are made to fit the anatomy of your foot, making it easier to choose the ideal fit.
  •         We use a cork footbed with a cotton liner to offer good sweat absorption while giving you the option of choosing your preferred upper.
  •         pocket-friendly prices on all our products.

These days, there are various types of footwear to choose from, so make sure your feet are protected and your body is supported by your shoes and sandals. With a little effort to choose the right brand and the right fit, you can look amazing while maintaining your comfort and safety on your feet.


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