Collection of our Handbag and Clutch transformation reels

Hello Murtlers,

It is important to take your bag out twice a week. This may not prevent flaking as such but this way you can extend the life of it. Flaking and shipping is more due to the nature of the material used to manufacture the bag. 

Incase you have a situation where your handle is flaking or bag is completely worn out, we can help rescue it for you to put it back in use.

Here are some of the reels of the work we did for our patrons:

1) Cherry Red Hand bag transformed to look as good as new again: Link to reel

2) Customer's favourite tan handbag gets restored to its original. Check out this video to the end to see customer's reaction. Link to this reel

3) This leather bag needed some TLC to help customer put it back in use again. Here's the link to reel


4).This brand new clutch from a fast fashion brand was worn out even before it was put to use.Check out how we transformed it.  Link to reel 

5) This wallet from coach needed some work on the interiors so that customer can take it out again. Link to reel

Coach wallet upcycled

6) This bag which was once deemed hopeless by customer, recused and transformed to help put it back in use. This work received tremendous response. Link to reel

Handbag refurbished

7) Converted this flaking monotone bag to dual tone designer bag. Link to reel

Designer handbag

8) Replaced faux leather portions for this Tommy Hilfiger bag to give it a new lease of life. Link to reel 

Tommy Hilfiger baf refurbished


9) Guess bag upcycled and rescued to help put it back in use again. Link to reel

Guess handbag refurbished

10) A comic take on all kinds of work we do on handbags. Link to reel

Comedy reel

11) A Tommy Hilfiger bag which was deemed hopeless by customer was worked on by our team to make it as good as new again. Link to reel

Tommy Hilfiger bag upcycled and restored

12) A song and dance reel to show the transformation work done on this bag. Link to reel

Let us know in comments, which reel and work you enjoyed the most. On a closing note, here is one more! , if you watch Telugu dance numbers, check this out!


Incase you wish to get similar work done for your flaking and chipping handbags, clutches, pouches and backpacks ping us on DMs. We will get back with an estimate and timeline.

Here's the link to how the whole process works. 



Team Murtle





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