Men's guide to choosing right footwear

Men's guide to choosing right footwear

  • What makes men's footwear a perfect one?

    A man always wants perfect footwear but, in a rush, sometimes fails to find it. Smart footwear gives them a smart appearance in front of others, and comfort is indeed always a priority. Where online stores offer various options to buy the required pair, you can also try to get your old footwear upcycled, which helps you have the same comfort and a fresh look. 

  • From buying a new pair to upcycling, we have all the solutions for men to have suitable footwear. If you select a shoe that fits you comfortably, it will help you stay lively in all physical activities, avoid any foot issues, and help protect your feet, legs, and joints. You will be more at ease whenever you wear them.

  • A men's footwear should have the following qualities that make it a perfect pair:

    • The footwear must be at ease.

    Many shoe companies these days prioritize style over comfort. Although this might be somewhat effective for footwear intended for occasional wear, you need to look beyond the style for everyday shoes. By choosing ones that are robust and well-fitted, you can find a pair of shoes that feel like a second skin on your feet.

    The midsole of the men’s shoe design also has a significant impact on how comfortable it is. Always prioritize fitness over fashion. Your appearance will suffer if your feet hurt. The cork midsole used by Murtle has arch support and is perfect for all-day wear.

    • Flexibility while wearing them

    Again, flexibility is a crucial factor to take into account when selecting comfort, and it is especially vital in running and walking shoes. Always make sure your shoes are comfy before traveling long distances or across various terrains. We utilize cork as the midsole for Murtles because it offers excellent flexibility 

    • Lightweight shoes are a wonderful options

    Shoes that are bulky and heavy require more effort to walk in and are composed of unpleasant, lower-quality materials. Additionally, the stiffness and rigidity of specific shoes can interfere with your normal stride. When developing shoes, Murtle takes weight into account when determining the cork and rubber mix.

    •  Optimum cushioning is what you need to check.

    Depending on the style of shoe, there will be different types of cushioning. For instance, whereas a walking shoe might need more cushion on the ball of the foot, a running shoe will need more cushion on the heel.

    The shoes for men should be specifically made for the activities they plan to wear them for. Avoid using too much padding as it might harm your health in several ways. Both the outsole and the rubberized cork sole work together to deliver the ideal amount of comfort.

    Why should Murtle be your pick for your next ideal pair of shoes?

    Many people buy shoes based solely on their appearance or price, but once they start using them frequently, they eventually regret their decision. The reason behind it is not selecting a trusted brand.

    Murtles guarantees the highest quality product that provides you with comfort and support. You can find the most trending products in our store that perform amazingly on your feet (no doubt!).

    You can count on our footwear as they also have the following benefits:

     A modular footwear solution that is ideal for all-day wear.

    They come with different straps, which let you switch from a casual look to a travel-friendly sandal and then to elegant evening wear.

    They are extremely comfortable, flexible, and robust.

    affordable handcrafted items that are environmentally friendly

    With every purchase, you are contributing to helping us support sustainability and avoid landfills.

    Stop purchasing false shoes, which are bad for both your feet and your style. Click here to check it out and experience what we’re talking about.



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