Murtle's approach to sustainable fashion

Murtle's approach to sustainable fashion

How often to do use your apparel, footwear or accessory till its actually worn out?

What if we tell you that very habit of ours is the very reason for millions of tonnes of land fill?

One way is to use all natural and bio degradable apparel. If you see on a wider scale, we are consuming more than the earth can degrade. How can we slow it down?

Here is the answer, we can slow it down by using that particular accessory or apparel to its life time. Sounds tough? You might now say, "I cannot afford to be seen in same dress/ footwear again, its embarrassing"

We, at Murtle, approach sustainability from this very direction. We design products which are natural, durable and modular.

Natural is understood- Durable is understood, whats up with Modular? What is it to do with sustainability? 

With modularity we achieve change in look and feel of the fashion accessory, so that you dont get bored of them and ensure you have all the guilt free reason to match it up with your outfit of the day.

Enabling you to change the look helps achieve the following:

1) Lesser cost of fashion upgradation

2) Lesser cost to earth, in terms of landfills

3) Change look in seconds and match them up with apparel

4) Easy to travel with

Murtle are designed and engineered to keep you ahead of fashion trend with its changeable strap open footwear, shirts, bags and shoes. We already launched two of the products and more are on the way.

Now even if you plan to get a new strap, you are now contributing to 80% lesser land fill and by using the product till its worn out you are ensuring that you are consuming lesser than earth can gobble up before she is ready to take in more.

Now lets consider an other situation:
If you ask us, How are Murtle soles sustainable?
Lets see what can happen to your Soles, usually its one of the two below cases:

1) Worn outsole 
2) Stained insock

In case 1) We replace the outsole so that you can take your Murtles out and use them for an other good 2 years
In case

In case 2) We replace the insock so that they look new again.
All the above at fraction of cost.
We are re-defining sustainability, we would love to see join the revolution!

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