Reasons for Growing Interest in Sustainable Fashion

Reasons for Growing Interest in Sustainable Fashion

Did you know, it takes 2700+ litres to make a single pair of denims and 780+ litres to make a single cotton t-shirt. Let that sink in first. landfills are increasing like anything these days.

What is Fast Fashion:

The days of buying a shirt and wearing it for years are long gone. Consumers seek new clothes after only a few wears in a world where clothing demand is increasing.The concept of "fast fashion" serves as the foundation for entire business structures.

"fast fashion" refers to swiftly introduced, inexpensively made clothing and footwear. Since it requires quick design, production, distribution, and marketing, a sizable number of higher-quality, lower-priced products with a wider variety are poured onto the market.

The second biggest user of energy and water is the fashion industry. The waste water from death is discharged into streams or rivers. Nylon and acrylic, which are synthetic fibers used by brands, take hundreds of years to biodegrade. 

We know how the environment is being damaged by the growth of fashion, where people always want to keep themselves up to date with the new trends. But it is now time to invest in sustainable products, especially in footwear, which causes landfills and other damage to our environment.

What is driving the push toward sustainable fashion?

You will be surprised to know that 65 percent of consumers wish to buy more durable items, while 57 percent of consumers are willing to fix their things to extend their use. And that is why sustainable fashion is now trending in every corner of the globe. Some brands are pushing back the trend of fast fashion and moving towards slow fashion. They are manufacturing products which are of high quality and long-lasting and use no harmful materials that can affect the environment. 

In the footwear industry, the term "sustainability" can be defined as the process of minimizing the various negative effects on the environment during the designing, manufacturing, distributing, and selling of footwear. This conserves energy and natural resources while also being beneficial to customers in many different ways.

At Murtle, when we talk about sustainability as defined above, it doesn't happen at one particular stage of the process. It covers the procurement of raw materials, delivery, and the conduct of the production process. We also take into account what would happen to those shoes if they were to become unusable.

When you choose sustainable footwear, there are numerous advantages because you are not only extending the life of your feet but also contributing to the environment where you live and where your children will grow up.

Let's see what its advantages are:

  • Improved production techniques

In order to address the issue of shoe waste, several footwear firms are altering their procedures. They are aware that reducing emissions in novel ways can benefit the environment. Additionally, a stronger brand image may follow. Better working conditions and sustainable practices are priorities for them. Manufacturers are also engaged in efficient trash disposal and ethical material sourcing.

  •         It reduces plastic waste.

According to research, 100 million pairs of shoes are discarded annually. Many of these are made of polymers generated from crude oil, which are difficult to biodegrade and have devastating effects on the environment.

But ethical shoe brands reduce the use of plastic. They reduce scrap while utilizing more environmentally friendly and recyclable materials.

  •         Feel satisfied

You don't want to support a company that pollutes the environment as a consumer. Like everyone else, you wish to contribute to the preservation of nature. Consequently, upgrading to eco-friendly footwear may make you feel good about yourself. It's wonderful to buy shoes and know that you're not harming the environment or abusing animals.

What impact is Murtle having on the footwear sector?

At Murtle, we take a sustainable design stance by creating natural, robust, and modular footwear. 

Modular can be a big question in your mind, but it has a simple meaning to understand. A modular footwear is one that is designed as per the needs of the customer and has the right fit to feel comfortable and look stylish. 

  •       ·changeable strap

With our changeable strap (patent pending) open footwear , Murtle is created and built to keep you ahead of fashion trends. Your footwear can be altered to your preference by using a variety of changeable straps. Click here to have a look at what we provide to our customers.

By using the product until it is worn out, you are ensuring that you are consuming less than the earth can absorb until she is ready to take in more, even if you want to get a new strap. This means that even if you plan to obtain a new strap, you are now contributing to 80% less landfill.

 Manufacturing footwear through eco-friendly material

Our footwear is manufactured using cork. It is a substance that wicks away moisture. When feet are inside shoes or sandals, their excreted sweat serves as food for bacteria. By employing cork, much less moisture will accumulate within the shoe and deprive germs of food.


Similar to recycling old materials, upcycling produces something more valuable or of greater quality. And our engineers perfectly figured out a way  to upcycle Murtles and other shoes

After sale service, ever heard of that in Footwear?

Here’s what we do with Murtles: When they are worn out: We swap out the outsole so you can continue to use your Murtles for another two years. We also replace the insoles to make them look brand new.

Our team additionally assists you with reusing worn-out or damaged old shoes. To make your old pair seem brand new, our artisans incorporate recycled and upcycled materials for their designing. For maintaining transparency and clear communication so that our customers can trust our team and acquire the best products, we send designs, cost estimates, and schedules to them before designing the final product.

Having the option to alter the appearance contributes to the following:

o   Lower the expense of upgrading one's wardrobe.

o   Lower landfill contribution to the planet.

o   Change looks quickly to coordinate it with clothing.

We are among the numerous sustainable brands that provide their consumers a wide range of ethical footwear solutions.

So, which footwear are you going to buy next?

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