Sustainable Fashion Brands

Sustainable Fashion Brands

In order to create a list of brands that are plastic-free and sustainable, we asked our customers for their assistance. Here are a few brands you can use to lead a healthy lifestyle. You can find our Instagram reel here

As we learn more about additional brands, we will continue to update the list. And if you haven't recently recycled your worn-out shoes, no problem, do it right away! With the help of our skilled artisans, you can transform your old shoes into brand-new ones.





Clothing & E-commerce

Go through these brands along with our collection of Murtleswhich brings you the best sustainable footwear and a classic look at the same time. You can also check out our blogs on sustainable grooming, that can be helpful to know about what's good for your skin and not to forget, for our environment. 


  • Shaivya Jaiswal

    Virmansha Designs is a planet conscious brand that upcycles pre & post consumer textile waste into daily utility products like Bags & Accessories, Home Furnishings & Decor.

  • Hadhira Fathima

    Kamarkattu ecostore is a sustainable brand which has so many items related to cleaning products, body care, hair care, dental care etc.

  • Gouri

    Econock Studio is also a sustainable accessories brand you could look into.

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