Footwear That Is Designed For Your Mood, Style and Principles

Footwear That Is Designed For Your Mood, Style and Principles

It is nothing but footwear that is one of the essential accessories to make you look stylish. Men or women, both can make or break their looks and outfit with the right footwear. Agree?

It is estimated that 100 billion shoes, sandals, wedges, and other footwears are manufactured worldwide each year. But how many of us ever thought to know what goes into making a good pair of footwear? Although low-quality shoes may appear attractive, they serve no biological use and produce pollutants during production that harm the environment and contribute to landfills when they are discarded after use.

Luckily, brands are working to manufacture eco-friendly and sustainable footwear, and Murtle is one of those brands. We have a simple agenda which is to make our client look good and do good for the environment.

Think again. Are you buying the right footwear for yourself? Then let’s explore some of the best practices while selecting footwear:

  • Sustainability is the new style

It has become quite common for today’s generation to keep switching their footwear, but with some consideration, we should not forget how harmful it can be to the environment. Landfills are increasing every year with the rise of new fashion and trends. The best way to avoid this and help our society is to choose footwear that lasts longer, is comfortable, looks stylish, and at the same time causes no harm to the environment.

  • Choosing the material

Technological advancement is helping the footwear industry as well. Today, you can buy stylish shoes manufactured from a variety of materials, including cork and organic materials that can be recycled. Choose footwear made of biodegradable or biocompatible materials.

  • Choose from reputable brands.

Buy your footwear from a shoe company that uses moral manufacturing standards. Select brands that are renowned for using less toxic materials. Find the ideal pair that reflects your style and your commitment to the environment.

  • If possible, get your old shoes upcycled

There are many memories attached to your shoes, and sometimes you don’t want to get them away, even if they are torn. So why not get it upcycled ? 

In an upcycling program, it's simple to get your old footwear transformed into a new one as per your choice and comfort. And with that, you make a big contribution to reducing waste and getting the material re-used for a better cause.

  • Thorough research is not a bad idea.

Being concerned about the environment should not mean giving up on fashion. No matter if it is sandals for women for a party or casual shoes for the office, there is the ideal footwear for every situation. All you need to do is research the top brands and the wide selection of stylish yet environmentally friendly footwear that is now on the market.

Eco-friendly fashion footwear enables us to convey both our principles and our style, as it is a reflection of both.

What does Murtle offer to its customers?

We use cork midsoles for our footwear. To boost longevity, the resin is typically used to connect cork soles. The cork material is used to create insoles that provide an anatomically perfect footbed and several comforts and pain-relieving advantages.


For usage in shoes, cork is a tightly compressed material. However, cork insoles shape themselves to the wearer's foot when subjected to the weight and heat generated by regular use. This results in a tailored fit that follows the wearer's natural contour and provides a high level of comfort. Each area of your feet is supported by curves in the midsole; these contours are what give your feet all their comfort.

Resistance to odor

Cork is a substance that wicks away moisture. When feet are inside shoes or sandals, their excreted sweat serves as food for bacteria. By employing cork, much less moisture will accumulate within the shoe and deprive germs of food.

Impact Resistance

Cork insoles and outsoles provide some comfort for people who stand for long periods. Due to the material's inherent flexibility, less impact force is transmitted up into the knees, shins, and ankles, resulting in reduced stress on the joints. Plantar fasciitis and other types of foot pain may be less common because of the material's aptitude to retain the heel and foot in an orthopedically sound position and its capacity to absorb shock.

Renewable Resources

Cork is obtained from cork trees, where it develops slightly beneath the top layer of bark. After 25 years, cork trees are harvested once every nine to thirteen years. The recyclable material can be used for insulation, flooring, and new soles.

Instead of searching for a shoe store near me on google, head to our website to shop fashionable yet eco-friendly footwear for which Murtle is known for.




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