Upcycling a pair vs buying a new pair- how to make old shoes new?

Upcycling a pair vs buying a new pair- how to make old shoes new?

Upcycling and modern technology are assisting people in achieving sustainability for a healthy environment. Upcycling appears to be a new trend in the fashion industry as consumers are growing more mindful of the damage consumerism is doing to the environment. Many brands are contributing from their side by upcycling their products, which has made a great difference to the Indian fashion scape.

Upcycling can help transform old, torn, and discarded products into new ones. Thus, this trend is liked by most customers. In addition to apparel, old shoes can be upcycled by adding value to them so they can be used and help you have a classy and trendy look (who doesn’t wish to have one!).

Non-biodegradable products when discarded cause lots of pollution and should be avoided as much as possible. Landfills are increasing because of this reason. As we all know, shoe materials are mostly made of plastic, which takes thousands of years to decompose. 

At Murtle, we have a similar interest in making our customers look stylish but at the same time helping them preserve their memories and attachment to their old shoes through upcycling. Buying a new pair of footwear can be exciting, but re-designing the existing one can be helpful to reduce wastage, save resources, and at the same time support sustainable living. How can we forget to mention that you look stylish as well?

What motivates us to upcycle rather than buy a new one?

Upcycling can be used to demonstrate that fashion should and can be sustainable. It is a way through which the material you already have can be transformed into a unique piece. You get an exclusive piece, which becomes more valuable. In addition to this, below are the other benefits of upcycling:

  •         Fewer landfills

In a very simple way, you can prevent landfills by adding value to your old pair of shoes instead of dumping them and buying a new one. We are used to buying things just the way we throw things without a logical reason. When you can upcycle them and prevent the waste from harming the environment, then why not?

This will let you make a small involvement in keeping our society clean and reducing landfills as much as possible.

  •         A one-of-a-kind pair

If you are thinking about how to make old shoes new, then the answer is to get them upcycled and personalized!

Personalization enhances the value of any product. So, when you have your old shoes customized, you experience a different level of satisfaction when wearing them. The old shoes can be designed in any manner you like, and the businesses give you a variety of options to pick from, making it simple to have the desired pair.

Hence, the shoes are both fashionable and comfy. The shoes are custom-made for you, and you will never see anybody else wearing them.

  • The comfort of the old pair

    Consider this: after days (or weeks or even months) of searching, you have finally located the right pair of shoes. But as soon as your shoes come to you—or you spend some time strolling in them—you discover one minor flaw: they're uncomfortable. Really, really Uncomfortable.

    It is easy to find a pair of trendy footwear, but getting adjusted to its use is a hard thing to do. Not every shoe makes you feel at ease and makes you regret wearing it. That is why upcycling has become the choice of many people where there is no wastage and the old material of the footwear is used to get it transformed into a brand new one.

    •         Memories 

    You must remember how confidently you flaunted your footwear on the first day of your office or your first date. How can that cherished item be discarded?

    If you're wondering how to reuse old sandals or work shoes, don't worry since upcycling will take care of it. Every footwear has a special memory attached to it and when upcycled you can save that memory for lifetime.

    So, these are a few advantages of wearing upcycled shoes. Murtle is the best place to get your shoes upcycled and turn them into trendy ones. Our artisans make sure that everyone has access to the basic requirements of footwear and design a comfortable pair for their everyday needs.

    You can reach us and shop online from our collection of footwear and even get your old pair upcycled most easily.



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      Hello Shalaka Here..I recently got 2 chappals of size 39 however they dnt fit me. And no refund possible. So I want to know can you make it size 41 and change pattern and color ? What will be the cost per pair ?

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      How to get my egoss shoes sole new

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      I have a shoe pair but 1 shoe got break it is new & I can’t leave it it’s my favourite shoe

    • Gitanjali

      I have given my shoes to murtle for upcycling and although the results look promising, I just have to say that their approach to their customer is very unprofessional. They have apparently finished with my product ( as shown on their deceptive social media page!) but still won’t ship it. I keep trying to get in touch but they don’t respond. Now I have paid all the money (a lot!) and still don’t know when I’ll get my shoes back and if I will even get it. So maybe really good for the environment but definitely not going back to them because it doesn’t help my mental health!

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