Zipzaps: The most stylish walking shoes for travel

Zipzaps: The most stylish walking shoes for travel

Whenever we are out on a trip, we spend hours walking, no matter if we are on a business trip or on vacation with our family.

And there exists a certain level of dilemma in choosing travel footwear while packing up bags for travel. The requirement to pack different shoes for every occasion during the vacation sounds like a crazy idea because space is limited, as is the baggage allowance. It takes up space and costs money that may be used elsewhere.

On a similar note, did you realize that your shoes are the first thing someone notices about you? Knowing that adds to the pressure to always have good footwear that attracts the people around you.

That might entail giving up wearing flip-flops to business meetings and formal shoes to more informal coffee dates. Even when you’re able to crack the basics of styling footwear, comfort is something that takes a back seat many times during the process. What's the use of wearing the perfect pair of shoes if you can't go about your everyday tasks with ease and comfort?

Well, keeping all your common concerns in mind, we designed and engineered zipzaps for all your needs.

What are zipzaps?

These fantastic shoes, which feature cork bottoms, have a special zipper technology that makes changing the uppers possible in just 20 seconds. They look unique on every piece of apparel, and you don’t have to worry about carrying multiple footwears as this one pair can be used for every occasion.

All that is required is to have the uppers in your back pocket and then, in no time, you can keep styling your look as per the situation demands. These shoes are elegant, modern, and incredibly cozy. It's excellent for business travel, vacations, and regular commuters.

The Zipzaps at Murtle are made to make it simple for consumers to resolve the issue of having stylish walking shoes for travel, and to do so, they just need to make a single purchase that will go a long way for them.

What are the benefits of wearing Zipzaps?

There are many different benefits of wearing a zipzap, including the following:

  •         Versatile

You can quickly alter the complete appearance of your shoes. By providing an infinite number of strap options, the smartly built design and mechanism allow you to vary the appearance of footwear. You no longer need to bring extra shoes with you to any gathering, whether it be a business meeting or a dinner party.

  •         The ideal traveling companions

Now, this really does save lives. Imagine needing five separate pairs of shoes for each occasion while going on a vacation or other event. Our modular footwear allows you to put straps flat in your backpack while just requiring a small amount of room for one sole. Up to five pairs of shoes can fit in a compartment designed to hold a file.

  •         perfect for wearing all-day 

The arch support, cork footbed, and outside PU sole provide your feet with the maximum amount of comfort. Our shoes' modest weight makes it possible for you to commute and go trekking with equal ease. We always pay attention to designing lightweight footwear for more comfort no matter where you wear them.

  •         Every occasion-appropriate

We created uppers to go with every event and occasion. All you would have to do after investing in our soles is keep an eye on the stylish straps that we develop every few days. You do not have to invest in new footwear, just buy the straps and your shoes will appear like a new pair.

  •         washable and odor-friendly.

The upper sole is made to not emit an odor even after lengthy use. The best aspect is that our shoes can be cleaned with water if there are any unwelcome stains on them.

  •         Slip resistance design.

The outsole is made to be slip-resistant on all surfaces, including rocks and sloping terrain, as well as the tile floors seen in malls. With the distinctive design and appropriate material composition, we have them all covered.

I hope now you will be clear about having a pair of Zipzaps for your next trip, isn’t it? Safe travels with safe footwear!







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