Zipzaps - the most versatile pair you will ever own!

Zipzaps - the most versatile pair you will ever own!

One often tends to face some level of dilemma while packing up bags for travel. Since space and baggage limit stays finite, the need to keep different footwear for every occasion during the trip seems like a far-fetched dream. It is not only space-consuming but also adds up to unnecessary expenses.

On a similar note, did you even know that the first thing a person notices about you is your footwear? That’s a great thing to know but at the same time imposes an added pressure to always have your footwear on fleek. That may mean no more flip-flops for an official meeting and no formal shoes for a casual coffee date.


Even when you’re able to crack the basics of styling footwear, comfort is something which takes a back-seat many a times during the process. What’s the point of flaunting perfect pair of shoes when you’re unable to function your daily chores comfortably and easily? 

Well, keeping all our common concerns in mind, we designed and engineered a footwear for all your needs. Checkout the features of Zipzaps:


 Versatile: You can change the entire look of your footwear in under a minute. The cleverly engineered design and mechanism lets you change the look of footwear by giving you infinite choice of straps. Be it an official meeting or a dinner party, you don’t have to carry any extra footwear along anymore.

 Perfect travel Companion: Now, this is truly a life-saver. Imagine traveling for a vacation or some event where you require 5 different pair of footwear for each occasion? Our modular footwear lets you pack straps flat in your bag with only one sole taking little space. You can carry as many as 5 pairs of footwear in a space apt for carrying a file.

 Perfect for all day wear: The arch support, cork soft foot bed and outer PU sole provide maximum comfort to your feet and are perfect for every-day wear. The lightweight feature of our footwear helps you pull off commute and hiking both with equal ease.

 Suitable for every occasion: We designed uppers to suit all the occasions and celebrations. Once you invest in our soles, all you would need is to keep an eye on trendy straps we come up with every few days.

 Odour friendly and washable: The upper sole is designed to not emanate odor even after a prolonged use. The best part is that our footwear is washable and can be cleaned with water in case of any unwanted stains.

 Slip resistance design: The outsole is designed to suit all terrains, right from tiles flooring in the malls to rocks and hilly surfaces. We have them all covered with the unique design and right material composition.

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