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“Madhubani Painting” also known as “Mithila Painting” is one of the prehistoric visual art styles known to mankind. It originated in the ancient kingdom of Mithila, part of Bihar in North India.

Its origin is shrouded in antiquity and as per the legends, it dates back Ramayana era. It was practiced by womenfolk on freshly plastered mud walls and floors of their homes after every monsoon season using twigs and natural dyes.

Kalakriti, an institute started by Mrs. Priti Agrawal in the year 1992 was established with a purpose of generating employment for the women artisans in the region. It was the largest organization at one point serving 1000s of artists, working towards their empowerment and employment.

Kalakriti played a pivotal role in introducing the urban populace outside of Bihar with this intricate visual folk art. They closely worked with the likes of Meena Bazaar, Laffaire, Satya Paul for years together presenting the rustic painting with a modern approach to appeal to the newer generation.

After almost 30 years the organisation still stands tall at the same place, doing exactly what it started for but with a vigor and confidence of having made a huge impact in the lives of 1000s of artisans in the years gone by and with a promise to keep supporting the rural artists in years to come.



About your Murtles:

Murtles are designed to hug your feet. The sole comes with arch support to provide you with utmost comfort. The soles are made in cork which comes with numerous benefits apart from being natural and recyclable (Read More). 

At Murtle we  are obsessed with sustainability. With the straps being changeable, we are able to satisfy fashion cravings at the same time addressing the environmental concerns. Every time you choose to buy just the strap, you partner with us in contributing 90% lesser wastage. If you are interested in knowing more about our approach to sustainable fashion, click here.

With click baits around its like walking in a forest full of landmines, it is important that we make informed choices every time. We have drawn up a guide for Men and Women to help choose footwear. 

Instructions for Care:
• Wipe only using a clean soft cloth.

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