DIY Mandala Inspired art on Murtle Footwear

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DIY Footwear Workshop – Mandala Inspired art using pens (Beginner Level)

In this workshop you can look forward to:
1) Introduction to Mandalas and it's benefits.
2) Orientation to tools used for creating Mandalas which help achieve basic patterns, designs, and shapes.
3) Channeling the thought process to create your own unique Mandala on straps from start to finish.
4) Fixing them onto Murtle soles with your art work.
5) Overall, you will LEARN, CREATE & MEDITATE by tapping into your creative, intuitive wisdom and in the process create a footwear which reflects you.


About the trainer- Priyanka Setlur

Priyanka started to work on Mandalas a year ago. Mandala, which just started off as a hobby went on to become a part of her life. She devised her unique method to create Mandalas.

Priyanka holds a B. Com degree from Nizam College and is currently pursuing EPGM course with IIM Calcutta.