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This collection is designed in collaboration with Gurukulam. It involves straps made from cloth hand woven by students of Gurukulam. 

Gurukulam was founded in March 2019 by four mothers of children with special needs. The Integrated Centre for Children with Special Needs is training students for open schooling, vocational and life skills, through extracurricular activities. They also prepare young adults for gainful employment in a way that capitalizes on their skills and interests.

The Centre caters to children with special needs (CWSN) who have been diagnosed with intellectual disability (Autism, Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, ADHD et al), and are in the age group of 6 to 30 years.

They are trained in weaving on the loom, block printing T-shirts, bags, saris and stationery products. 


About your Murtles:

Murtles are designed to hug your feet. The sole comes with arch support to provide you with utmost comfort. The soles are made in cork which comes with numerous benefits apart from being natural and recyclable (Read More). 

At Murtle we  are obsessed with sustainability. With the straps being changeable, we are able to satisfy fashion cravings at the same time addressing the environmental concerns. Every time you choose to buy just the strap, you partner with us in contributing 90% lesser wastage. If you are interested in knowing more about our approach to sustainable fashion, click here.

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