Do not buy Birkenstocks before you read this.

Are you like us, waiting for discounts to lap up a new pair of Birkenstock?

Now that the cork on your Birkenstock has adopted to your feet, do not like to let them go?

Here’s a solution.

Read on.

For starters,

The Berkinstock footwear Birkenstock is a German shoe manufacturer best known for its Birkenstock sandals and other footwear. These shoes are characterized by their contoured cork footbeds (soles), which are made with layers of suede and jute and fit the wearers' feet. The reason why Birkenstock is liked by consumers is the comfort it offers to them.

Birkenstocks, a conscious choice!

As people are moving towards sustainability, clothes and accessories have become their first choices. While it is easy to buy eco-friendly clothes, eco-friendly footwear is hard to find on the market. But thanks to Birkenstock and their design which makes it repairable.

But just like any other footwear, they are prone to wear and damage. Though made from natural materials like cork, they have a life span that ends, and you need to replace your footwear.

Why Restore/ Refurbish/ Upcycle your Birkenstock?

Don’t you want to take advantage of the repairability aspect of the Birkenstock? With help from Murtle, you can make a conscious choice of restoring and refurbishing your Birkenstock instead of buying a new one.

Upcycling your old Birk is not just about the cost and saving environment but also the comfort that you get from your old cork foot bed. Switching to a new pair takes time to get comfortable with them, while when you get your footwear upcycled, you get your old memories restored along with the footwear.

Landfills a climate emergency!

Fashion worth $400 billion is discarded annually. If consumers do not fall into this trap, brands will be forced to reconsider their entire business plan. Food for thought, why would any business try to sell something at a loss? It's just a psychological play to get you to make a purchase when you may not actually need it. For many consumers, sustainable fashion is of utmost importance.

According to McKinsey research, while 57 percent of consumers are willing to fix (upcycle or repair) their items to extend their useful lives, 65 percent of shoppers want to buy more durable items. Additionally, consumers' interest in buying used goods is rising.

How do I go about this?

Murtle is a helping hand to folks who want to get their old footwear and bags repaired and not let them go in the trash. With Birkenstock, we can help you achieve a complete new look with minimal waste contribution!

Birkenstock customers trust us for our work and believe that we can help them achieve sustainability a step ahead. Therefore, we have restored many of their pairs from going into trash The trust of our customers energizes us to make better efforts every day and together achieve sustainability for a healthy lifestyle.

When people send their Berkinstocks to us for upcycling, we examine the footwear to see which parts can be reused and which parts have to be replaced to give it a new look.

Click here to see how.

In India, we aim to be the one stop solution for your Birkenstock. So, are you also excited to get it upcycled? We can’t wait to have them and give them that new look again.

Follow us on Instagram to see how we can save your footwear from ending up in landfills. We love our environment, and so do you, so let's together achieve sustainability for a better tomorrow.



  • Su Ayyagari

    Where are you based and how do we het our stuff to you and what’s the turn over time?

  • Huzefa

    Very interesting read. Looking at the prices of Birkenstocks, up cycling definitely makes lots of sense.

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