Murtle is a Modular Fashion company which designs accessories whose look and feel can be changed in under a minute. 

At Murtle we love to build fun fashion products and accessories which are not just sustainable but also fashionable and most importantly durable. We approach sustainability from a new direction where we aim to increase the usage time of the accessory and at same time ensure you have enough options to upgrade at 1/100th of cost and 80% lesser landfill contribution.

This section lists various DIY workshops which Murtle conducts in association with various artists so that you choose the one which interests you. We will take you on a learning journey which will enable you to create your own straps and wear them on a Murtle sole.

Murtle encourages you to be as creative as possible. You can use the platform to create various designs and style statements for yourselves and loved ones. 

There is no dictionary meaning attached to Murtle, it is derived from the word Modular+ Turtle. To signify our direction of work and the product's long lasting nature. Our aim is to reduce land fills and we are working towards a world where a particular product is put to its maximum use enabling Earth to digest the already dumped waste. The increase in cycle improves Earth's efficiency multifold.
We took it up as a mission to build Murtle as the most reliable and intutive fashion outfit. Imagine a footwear which can hold your new born daughter's scribbling and at the same time convert into a sophisticated meeting-ready shoe? Our collection of straps do the same.