Introducing an amazing innovation in footwear. The Murtle ZipZap

Get these awesome shoes which have soles made out of cork and comes with a unique Zipper technology that allows you to change the UPPERS in just 20 seconds. 


These shoes are stylish, fashionable and very comfortable. Great for travel, business trips, and everyday commuting. You can carry the Uppers in your backpack or bag and easily change from one look to another.

One often tends to face some level of dilemma while packing up bags for travel. Since space and baggage limit stays finite, the need to keep different footwear for every occasion during the trip seems like a far-fetched dream. It is not only space-consuming but also adds up to unnecessary expenses.

On a similar note, did you even know that the first thing a person notices about you is your footwear? That’s a great thing to know but at the same time imposes an added pressure to always have your footwear on fleek. That may mean no more flip-flops for an official meeting and no formal shoes for a casual coffee date.

Even when you’re able to crack the basics of styling footwear, comfort is something which takes a back-seat many times during the process. What’s the point of flaunting perfect pair of shoes when you’re unable to function your daily chores comfortably and easily?