Leather for Men

Animal skins - dried, tanned, cut and sewn – that is how footwear has been made since times immemorial. Leather remains, till date the most favored material when it comes to making footwear. Simply put, leather is classic.

Our Murtle Leather Classics combine our durable sole with classic designs using genuine leather. Made to be used universally, by both sexes, these Murtles are an attempt to harness the sturdiness and adaptability of leather.

Murtle Leather Classic straps soften and stretch over time, adapting to your feet’s needs. They make use of leather’s high tensile strength to provide increased durability, and its breathability. They are resistant to wet and dry abrasion, making them low on maintenance.

Murtle Leather Classics can be paired with all kinds of apparel, ranging from pants to pajamas and from printed shirts to plain skirts. Everyone from the young lass next-door to the gentle retiree enjoying a walk in the park.

Murtle Leather Cassics are truly classic.