Men's styling guide

Men's styling guide

Shoes form an important part of everybody’s closet, be it men or women. Shoes can either complement the whole look or completely ruin it. 

Selecting the right kind of shoes for your attire is just as vital as choosing the right pair of jeans with your shirt.  A majority of men are unaware of the fact that footwear should be picked considering a number of factors which ensure both comfort and style. 

Here are a few tips that can help you choose the right footwear according to your style and preferences:

General Rules to follow while picking Men's Shoes

  • Try to pick a shoe that matches, or is darker than your trousers.
  • Even though it seems to a safe bet, socks do not require to match your shoes. You can experiment with the color and pattern of socks just like a tie.
  • If wearing a belt, matching your shoes to it will make you look more put-together.

Men's Shoes for Jeans

Almost all colors or style of shoe go well with jeans like boots, lug soles, sneakers, loafers and sandals, however one needs to avoid shiny and formal shoes intended for dressier outfits. You may probably pick your shoes based on your shirt style. Like for example- a sporty t-shirt like a polo might work with a loafer; t-shirts go well with sneakers and button-down shirts work well with both shoes, sandals or contemporary styles. The below styling is Murtle ZipZap with sneaker upper.

Men's Shoes for Casual Pants

There are a variety of loafers, oxfords and other men's shoes that go well with casual pants. You can pick any style right from plain design to embellishments. For example, tassels or a buckle will give your look some dressy vibes while a woven pattern or heavy stitching is a little more on the casual side. 

The below styling is Murtle ZipZap with stripe upper.


Men's Shoes for Dress Pants

Just like business formal attire, dress pants also require dressy shoes like shinier material in a fine finish and a deep v-cut. You can notch your style quotient by wearing a darker shade of shoes than your pants. 

The below styling is Murtle ZipZap with oxford upper.


Color techniques for Men's Shoes

  • Black shoes go well with navy, grey and black pants.
  • Brown shoes are best suited to tan, brown, beige, greens and other earthy tones
  • Burgundy shoes work well with khaki, light browns, blue and grey.
  • Tan shoes look great with lighter earth tones like blue, beige, light tan or white.


Things to keep in mind while picking the perfect pair of footwear

  • Don’t negotiate on the comfort level-  Lately, lot of shoe companies are neglecting comfort for the sake of style. Though this may work to some extent for occasional wear footwear, you want to look beyond the style for the regular footwear. Look for a sturdy and snug fitted pair of footwear which feel like second skin to your feet. The midsole design of the shoes also plays a major role in the comfort quotient. Always choose fit over style. You won't look great if your feet hurt. Murtle uses mid sole made in cork which comes with arch support which is  ideal for all day wear

  • Give preference to flexibility- Flexibility is again an important consideration when choosing comfort, and is particularly important in walking and jogging shoes. Always make sure your footwear feels comfortable while walking long distances and on all kind of surfaces. For Zipzaps we use cork as mid sole which provides great flexibility.

  • Go for a lightweight pair of shoes. Chunky and heavy shoes take much more effort to walk in and are made of cheaper and uncomfortable material. Those shoes also tend to be stiff and inflexible which can mess up with your natural stride. At Murtle while designing Zipzaps, the cork and rubber composition is arrived taking weight into consideration.

  • Small and wide heels work best- Keeping the heel wider and close to the ground offers the greatest support for your ankles and heel. This is particularly important for sandals or dress shoes. Anything over 2 inches in height raises the risk of ankle sprains. The sharper the incline of the shoe, the greater strain you are placing on your feet. While designing Zipzap, we gave utmost importance to health, well researched height and width makes it ideal for full day wears.

  • Choose optimum cushioning. The type of cushioning in a shoe will vary depending on the type of shoe. Like for example- a running shoe will need more cushion on the heel while a walking shoe may require more cushion on the ball of the foot. Pick a shoe specially designed for the activity you intend to wear it for. Also, avoid too much cushioning as it can have a lot of adverse effects on your health. The rubberised cork sole provides just the right cushioning and the outsole contributes equally.

  • Look at product details before you buy. Look at the product description on the website of the shoe you're interested in purchasing. The product description has all the details necessary for choosing the right shoe for the right foot, such as type of midsole, arch support, and more. Check out website to know more about ZipZaps and other products.

  • Quality- When in doubt, go conservative over edgy. You don't want to save few bucks on something that starts looking dated just in few days and also hampers your health. Your shoes should be picked up with great preference to the material, comfort and longevity instead of price. Remember, good quality products are often expensive. Murtle is one of the first companies to give 6 months warranty on its products so that you are assured of the quality. 

  • Why should you consider ZipZaps to be your next perfect pair of footwear?

    These amazing pair of modular footwear from Murtle are your perfect solution to all-day wear. They come with different straps which let you switch from casual sneakers look to a travel friendly sandals and then an elegant evening wear. They are extremely comfortable, flexible and robust. Check these out here to experience yourself what we’re talking about



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